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I’m an author, writer, intuitive and transformational guide on a mission to rewrite my story. I want to help like-minded writers,authors, coaches and business owners rewrite and transform old thought patterns and beliefs into revoluntionzing and impactful stories.Our stories matter and we can help to change the world by telling stories from the heart - the format doesn't matter -what is important  is that we tell them. Now, more than ever, the world needs transformational and important messages and voices to help build a better world.

My Story

My Experience 

I am a writer and published author and have always loved the written word. My superpower is my intuition and desire for transformation. Words have tremendous power and can build or break down.  I’ve had a great love for words ever since I was a child and you could often find me immersed in a story book. I've experienced how words can negatively influence life and have therefore a deep understanding of how powerful words can be.

Since I was  a bookworm and loved reading, I also loved the messages often found in books. I wrote down quotes that struck me as inspirational and uplifting. I also started writing down my own thoughts and ideas in notebooks that I kept around me all the time. Books and writing provided an escape for me when the world got too rough on the outside. I never really thought much about my writing, but did attempt to become a journalistic writer once - I wasn't succesful because I didn't push through with my studies.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I took my love for writing seriously and I started my writing page on Facebook. In writing freestyle poetry I found a lot of liberation and freedom. Through words I learned to express my deepest feelings and thoughts, and it helped me a lot in processing pain and difficult situations.

In 2017 I decided that I would like to publish my own book. I went through the process of gathering pieces and deciding on the theme. I was so excited about having my words in print. Late in 2018 after some setbacks, I finally published my first collection on Amazon called “Wishes of Hope”. It was incredibly satisfactory and I felt proud of myself for coming that far.

I kept writing and since 2020, I’ve decided to spread my wings even more. I’ve had work published in three anthologies by Indie Blue publishing ( We will not be Silenced, As the World Burns, Through the Looking Glass,- Reflecting on Madness and Chaos Within) and I’m also currently a book reviewer on Reedsy Discovery. I firmly believe that we need to tell our stories, because we find freedom in that. It also can help others, by bringing them hope and inspiration when we share our stories. It doesn’t matter what the form of the story is, the truth is that each one of us can make an impact on the world by telling our story.

Using my passion for storytelling, and my understanding about the power of words , I want to help people create stories that make a difference in the world. I value integrity, honesty and high-quality work, and it’s reflected in everything I do. My promise to you is that you’ll always receive the best service when you work with me.

If you want to write a story, but don’t know where to start, you can book a Laser Coaching Session with me Here ; or if you already know, but don’t know how to start, you can download my free eBook Here. If you would like to sign up to my bespoke book writng program, follow the link Here. I’m also on Patreon where I’m busy creating a subscription based community for my special tribe.



What My Clients say!

  • Hanlie  gave me a chance when no one would.She guided me and never second guessed me. That gave me courage and faith to spill my life for all the world to read. She asked me a question once and it was," Why do you want to write an Autobiography Novel? :I replied , "I want to inspire people. I want to let everyone who went through, or is going through hard times understand they're not alone. "Hanlie was my inspiration -not just my coach and no longer a stranger, but the sparrow in my soul. Thank you for everything. 

    -Crystal Cisco-

    30 Days of Gratitude
    The challenge was engaging and thought provoking. It was done with gentle prompts and unique perspective. It reminded me of the good things in my life.
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